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Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula MICRO


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Fertilization has never been easier than with the basic Dutch Formula line.
The unique formula allow for easy use by beginner growers and flexible dosing for the more experienced.
Thanks to high concentrations of Dutch Formula fertilizers, you are also saving your money.
You will see that MICRO is the secret for success, supporting the crop during their complete life cycle.
Dutch Formula MICRO consists of a strong nutrient mix of chelated micro elements, in combination with unique pH buffers,
thus providing extra power and stability for growth.
The application of Dutch Formula goes beyond hydroponic systems.
Dutch Formula can be used for ALL substrates.
Earth growers and coco growers have all seen this happen.


NPK 5,5 – 0,0 – 1,0 Nitrogen (N) 5,5%, Phosphorus (P) 0,0% & Potassium (K) 1,0%

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0,5 l, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 25 l, 60 l


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